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About Us

We are an innovative start-up XR studio, specialised on hand-based interactions. We work within virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and mixed realities (MR) and deliver hand interaction and virtual object manipulation for mobile and PC.

Our solution makes it easy to interact with virtual or augmented environment in a more intuitive way, simply by using your hands instead of traditional physical controllers.

We are passionate about innovations and always research latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver the Most Advanced Hand Tracking solutions to our customers. It’s not just our work, it’s our hobby too.


Human-intuitive Interaction

We use innovational hand tracking technologies to make VR and AR experiences self-explanatory, less bulky and more naturalistic. We strive after comfortable UX for intuitive and seamless interaction. Simple. Natural. Friendly.


More efficient VR Training

In order to acquire trainees’ skills (and particularly for enhancing muscle memory), XR control systems should be as close to the natural interaction as possible. We achieve this by enabling Hand Interaction, which makes possible to touch and manipulate 3d objects in a natural way using your fingers. Learn by doing.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Among few problems with VR are controllers. We eliminate this by using human-intuitive approach - your hands. Simply skip physical devices when you can. No buttons, No gloves needed, just your fingers.


Eliminate Errors and Mistakes

Virtual and Augmented Reality will not substitute real-world scenarios, but it will help you to manage critical situations when you face such in real life. It’s all about simulating problems to eliminate risks and to enhance decision making skills. Make mistakes in VR, not in Reality.

Give us your problem, we give you solution back

Don’t know how to benefit from VR and apply it into your workflow? It’s ok, tell us your use-case and we’ll come up with real solutions and explain how Virtual (VR) or Augmented (AR) Reality (or both) can help you in your scenario.



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